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Li-on Battery Co., specializes in manufacturing advanced lithium ion batteries for E-rickshaw, which features high power and energy density, long lifespan and ultra-safe performance.
For quality control we deployed fully automatic PDMS (Product Data Monitoring System) in all manufacturing process. We take high quality materials, which make our batteries highly reliable in quality with nice effective performance.
We make battery pack in reliable structure design and deliver “Ready to use” energy storage systems.

To ensure our battery quality, we start by purchasing high quality raw materials and then assemble these materials on the production lines using automated equipment, along with the latest in manufacturing processes and a high degree of precision quality control. Our LiFePO4 materials for battery are supplied by quality suppliers.
We deployed the PDMS (Product Data Management System) for quality control, every step in the manufacturing process is checked, logged and judged, so that if a problem occurs it will be discovered early and any faulty product would be discarded. This automated attention to every step of the manufacturing process results in higher yields and ultimately lower production costs.

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 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

Up to 5 Year Warranty

We offer 5 years of warranty to ensure your journey with Li-on batteries never stops.


Lithium batteries are the new age technology which is Eco-friendly and recyclable.

Zero Maintenance

Lithium-ion technology is known for its high tolerance and zero maintenance.


Li-on batteries ensures to deliver high performance and long lasting batteries.

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Li-on Battery Co., specializes in manufacturing advanced lithium ion batteries.

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Quality Control


The formation system with high precision used by us can test all performances of battery, for example, internal resistance, capacity,  discharge platform, curves of charge and discharge, cycle life and so on. This system also can classify battery according to different performance target.